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TCS Construction Services are based in the Greater Toronto Area and we’ve been assisting exciting Canadian developments for the past decade. We consider ourselves lucky to be a part of so many projects that have helped define this city and its remarkable culture.

In this article, TCS Construction is going to highlight five iconic Toronto development projects for which we’ve provided our integral infrastructure services:

  1. York University Subway

Supporting the York University subway line construction began in 2014 and TCS Construction was there from the get-go. To support such a large-scale project like the York University Subway project, our scaffolding and reshoring support structures were provided to help the project get underway. We even provided this eighty story stair tower; a testament to the scale of this huge partnership.

TCS continues to provide our structural services to this project as it develops and gets closer to completion. This new subway line will be an invaluable addition to our city, enabling the students at York University to save time by creating an accessible campus for one of the countries most exciting and fastest growing universities.


  1. Massey Hall

Massey Hall is a historic and beloved concert hall in the heart of downtown Toronto. This beautiful landmark required an exceptional attention to detail during a revitalization project back in 2014. TCS Construction was glad to provide structural hoarding and scaffolding for the external renovations, which allowed the music hall to stay open and continue its season of regularly scheduled performances.

In 1973 Massey Hall was designated a Heritage Property under the province’s Ontario Heritage Act, and in 1981, the concert hall was designated a National Historic Site of Canada. A true Canadian landmark.


  1. SickKids Hospital

TCS Construction provided not only scaffolding for the recent SickKids Hospital’s new research centre, but also pivotal winter enclosures and heating systems to ensure that the construction workers were safe and comfortable during the winter months of the project’s development. The Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning opened it’s doors to the new twenty-one-story research tower in the autumn of 2013.

SickKids Hospital is the city’s largest hospital dedicated to children and youth, and we are proud to have provided infrastructure services to such an important project, designed by award-winning architects, Diamond and Schmitt Architects Inc.

  1. Sheppard Subway Station

From the very beginning of the project, TCS Construction provided the Sheppard Subway line with infrastructure services. Over the numerous years it took to complete the project, we provided reshoring, scaffolding, foundations, and material management services. TCS is proud to have helped complete such a rigorous project, one so integral to the evolution of our great city. Our work on the Sheppard Subway enabled traffic to be rerouted, tracks to be laid and structures to be supported.

  1. RCMI Residences (on University Ave.)

Starting in 2012, TCS Construction began providing the infrastructure services for the Residences at RCMI, a project requiring structural hoarding and pedestrian protection on the very busy streets of downtown Toronto. Transforming a construction project into a safe, pedestrian accessible area is one our specialties, and we were able to transform the busy Residences at RCMI development site into a pedestrian accessible location with ease and confidence.

In Summary:

From hospitals to universities and everything in between, TCS Construction has provided integral infrastructure services and concrete solutions to countless landmark projects across this amazing city.

For the past decade, TCS Construction has had the opportunity to work with the majority of the formwork contractors in Toronto; developing invaluable relationships with the people who help to build this great city.

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