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Toronto is a growing city.

We just recently outsized Chicago as the third largest city in North America, and we’re not stopping there. Even now, as you read this, Toronto continues to grow and evolve. The downtown skyline is heightening by the minute, helped in part by the names of the buildings below. In this post we are going to delve into what we consider to be Toronto’s five most exciting and intriguing construction developments.

No matter what the outcome, these five projects are sure to put their permanent mark on Toronto’s skyline. From condo towers to non-traditional office spaces – these buildings are pinnacles of modern achievement.

It can take years for projects as large as these to get approved and constructed, but that hasn’t stopped the developers behind them (including hometown hero David Mirvish).

In no particular order, let’s get to it:

1.The One

The One Tower had to go first, but not just for its namesake.

No longer does Toronto’s most infamously sketchy Harvey’s Restaurant chains sit on the southwest corner of Yonge and Bloor. Nope. It was abolished in 2005 to make way for what has been promised to be one of Toronto’s tallest residential towers.

This building originally claimed to be the tallest building the city has ever seen – and it’s been recently updated to eighty floors tall! This behemoth has been fast-tracked by Mizrahi Developments – and they’ve definitely started to work. Mizrahi has tapped acclaimed London-based Foster + Partners to design the residential tower with commercial spaces supporting its base. Mizrahi has their eyes on the first half of 2018 to open the commercial spaces lining the development’s street level, including an Apple Store. Total costs are estimated to be around $1 Billion.

2. Mirvish + Gehry Double Towers

Consisting of two towers that will stand at 92 and 82 floors respectively, when this project is finished, one will, in fact, be the tallest skyscraper in Toronto. The project is a partnership between David Mirvish and Frank Gehry, the main architect behind Toronto’s Art Gallery of Ontario.

The development was first conceived as three towers, a third taking the place of the Princess of Wales Theatre. After consultation with the city, the theatre was spared and the project was scaled down to two. Who said theatre was dead

3.Union Centre

Applied Properties and Sweeny&Co Architects have set the designs for Union Centre, an office tower set to stand 48 storeys tall. As of 2015 the building had received zoning approval from the city to be built at the intersection of Lower Simcoe Street and Station Street. It will stand just south of Front Street and will be directly connected with PATH and Union Station.

4. 50 Bloor Street West

Morguard Corporation’s plan for the seventy storeys above Yorkville’s Holt Renfrew was designed by the established group Pellow + Associates Architects. This project was approved by the city back in 2014. The first step for the project is to make the proper upgrades necessary to the main floor Holt Renfrew before getting to any upwards building. We’re fairly certain this Yorkville residential tower will be impressive upon completion.

5.Pinnacle One

This project was assigned for the Toronto Star Lands down by Yonge Street and Queens Quay in 2013. The original concept called for six towers and an expansion of the current Toronto Star tower, but there have been hold ups in receiving approval from the city. These buildings promise to be a huge part of Toronto’s development and they are definitely worth keeping an on eye on as they progress.

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