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See our better solutions with standard & specialized equipment for your next project


Access Scaffolding

Complete fleet of gear is configured for just-in-time pick ups to strategically packaged for optimal on-site effecices.

  • Rental & Sales
  • Rosette Systems
  • Tested & Certified Quality
  • Full Line of Accessories
  • Solution Based Design
  • All Weather Conditions

Stair Towers & Public Access

Various tailored configurations of stair towers and public access solutions designed for safe access to virtually unlimited points on commercial, infrastructure and industrial job sites.

  • Safety Compliance
  • On-Site 24/7 Emergency Access
  • Specialized Public Access Loading
  • Suspended & Rigged for Lifting with Cranes

Hoardings (Overhead Protection)

Protect your site and recover revenue through advertising sales with our hording solutions with free standing or integrated with above onsite offices and working pathways.

  • Various Configuration Options
  • Plywood Supply
  • Fully Recoverable Cost with Advertising on hording
  • Complete By-Law Compliant

Enclosures Systems

A specialty application that delivers protection from the weather elements, protects the public from debris and extends work days during winter months.

  • All Weather Protection
  • Protects Public from Jobsite Debris
  • Self-Extinguishing Value
  • Provides Safety for Labour
  • Temperature Control”

Temporary Roof Systems

Fast errection with or without the use of a crane delivers large spanning protection in all weather conditions.

  • Full weather Protection
  • Quick and Lightweight Systems
  • Large Spans for Maximum
  • Clear Working Space
  • Can be Erected Without Cranes
  • Environmental Enclosures”

Suspended & Cantilevered Platforms

Suspended platform used in both new and restoration construction provide confidence to those working they are safely contained and protected.

  • Safe & Adaptable for Sites
  • Various Configurations
  • Light & Durable
  • Secure & Fast Access
  • In-house Custom
  • Design and Expertise

Edge & Perimeter Protection

The days of wood and cable edge protection is quickly becoming obsolete in replace of engineered edge protection systems for a better, safer and more environmental option.

  • Providing Engineered Safety
  • Reduce Waste on Lumber
  • Faster Install, Saves Labour
  • Will become Industry Standard
  • Can Open Sections for Crane Access or Elevator Access”

Hoisting & Rigging Systems

Powered or manual driven hoists & rigging systems are designed to Transport people, materials and debris swiftly and safely in all weather conditions.

  • Powered or Chain Driven
  • Durable and High Quality
  • Complete Catalogue of Products
  • Improve Timing
  • Qualified Operation Personnel

Debris Chutes

A very configurable solution to protecting on-site workers, construction labours and the general public from debris.

  • Safe Removal Solutions of Debris
  • Various Configurations
  • Custom Designs and Installation”

Engineering Solutions

Having skilled engineering services delivers greater site configuration and options that always are safe. Our team of multi-segment experience will also improve the efficiencies and profitability with practical solutions.

  • Full Material Design & Take Offs
  • Application Engineering
  • Custom Configurations and Tailored Solutions for Jobsite Optimization
  • Versioning Management
  • 3D and VR Renderings

Specialized Labour

Our labour team is always well trained and lead by a seasoned foreman to ensure you get the very best performance. We also believe in training for higher standards, so you can always expect performance on your job site.

  • Elite Technical Labour
  • Fast & Safe for Better Profitability
  • Project Manager & Foreman
  • Available For All Projects
  • Multi-trade Oriented
  • Union Certified”

Shoring & Re-Shoring

In many restoration or new construction projects, shoring or Reshoring is vital to supporting the integrity of the site. We have access to premium shoring gear that very competitive to the global companies, with a greater attention to service.

  • Structural Shoring & Reshoring
  • Restoration
  • Demolition Shoring
  • Forming Shoring