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For those who are in the construction industry, there are few things more frustration and disheartening than a job running behind schedule. The bottom line is that the contractor provides the property owner with an estimate and, once they agree on the price, the deal is basically struck. The contractor also needs to provide an estimate of the duration of the project from start to finish so that the property owner can make further plans as well.

When a job runs late, and you are several days or weeks behind schedule, it can end up costing the contractor a fair bit. Just because the project is taking longer does not mean that they will be paid more, but their expenses will remain the same which equates to less profit in the end. In extreme cases, the contractor can even run at a loss. Fortunately, there are some great ways of making sure that you don’t fall behind schedule, and you might even be able to finish the job sooner than you think without sacrificing the quality of your work!

Under promise – over deliver

The first tip is to give yourself room for error. If you know that the job will take four weeks, estimate five weeks instead. This way, if there are any delays, you won’t be too pressed for time.


Using quality scaffolding will help your crew work faster while keeping them safe. Stable scaffolding with stairs means that they can move up and down levels easily while railings keep them safe even at breathtaking heights. It’s also important to invest in the proper safety equipment of course.

Overhead protection

Overhead protection plays two important roles. It protects those below and it also acts as a working platform for your crew. So, they have a firm footing and plenty of space to set their larger tools and materials while they work. Not all tools and materials can be attached to your harness which means that a solid surface will definitely come in handy. Another benefit of overhead protection is that you can perform renovations or repairs without disrupting the flow of traffic or the business owner’s usual working hours! You can even perform interior construction jobs without forcing the business to close its doors during the repairs. Clients and staff can enter and exit as need be without worrying about taking a detour, and there’s no loss of business. When business can continue, the property owner is more likely to be understanding in the event of any delays. The are also more inclined to allow more time for the job to be done.

Enclosure systems

During the colder months, construction workers tend to have one of the toughest jobs. Not only do they need to focus and get the job done, but they are also confronted with the worst weather. It’s also important to understand that the higher you go, the colder it gets! So, higher level construction work in winter is far from fun. Fortunately, enclosure systems can be used to keep the elements at bay while keeping your workers comfortable with special heat sources. Being able to work without shivering will certainly help move things along faster!

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