Structural Hoarding

We are experts at maximizing on space

The TCS team will work with you to plan out your job site strategically and to find structural hoarding and overhead protection solutions. We know that your priority is a safe and efficient workplace and that is why we believe that we are the experts you need to develop better roadways, office spaces, pedestrian walkways and points of access.

We know that setting up a site in the middle of a cosmopolitan city like Toronto can present it’s challenges but we can help. Allow us to bring our expertise and solutions to your site, so that you can stay on top of business.

We can help in many ways. We have developed innovative ways of incorporating office trailers above ground, overhead structures that keep pedestrians out of harms way and built successful roadways where multiple concrete trucks can access site entrances and rest stops while avoiding undue work and travel time. Ultimately keeping your team from experiencing hold-ups in schedule.