Temporary Building Enclosure Systems

Don’t let poor weather delay your building project!

Are you completing a building project throughout the winter season? Do you need a temporary building wrap solution that will keep your supplies and crew members warm, dry, and safe?

If so, you need building enclosure products and services delivered by TCS.

What Are Building Enclosure Systems?

When it comes to scaffolding, a building enclosure system refers to a material that is used to separate the inside of a building from the outside world.

In the engineering and design world, building enclosure could refer to walls, doors, windows, and building foundation.

In the scaffolding world, temporary building enclosure (aka building envelope) refers to a material that separates the interior of a building from the outside world – but for the purpose of keeping snow, rain, moisture, and other weather elements from impacting the building process (or causing delay or discomfort for builders).

In other words, building enclosure solutions allow construction workers to continue their work throughout the cold Canadian winter, or on stormy days. It also keeps building materials from moulding, rotting, or becoming damaged due to exposure.

What’s the difference between building enclosure and building wrap?

Building enclosure or building envelope solutions are not only more durable than traditional plastic building wrap, but they are much more effective and environmentally friendly. Therefore, we never use plastic wrap for temporary enclosure at TCS.

Main Features of our Building Enclosure Systems

– Water-resistant
– Moisture barrier
– Traps in heat
– Locks out cool air
– Lightweight
– Limits downtime for workers

TCS Temporary Building Enclosure Service

TCS specializes in the construction and installation of high-quality building enclosure systems for protection from the elements. Get to know our unmatched building enclosure process below:

Quote Project
We will review the unique requirements of your project to accurately scope and quote your building project.

Plan & Prepare Materials
We ensure that the products used to wrap and insulate your building are in perfect condition and are ready for application.

Wrap & Tarp
Our certified building enclosure crew will efficiently and expertly wrap and tarp your building to its specific needs and conditions.

Set Up Heat Source
Once wrapped, we will set up the additional heat sources you require for various weather conditions, to guarantee tradesman can continue working and projects are completed on schedule.

Quality Assurance
We will review our work to ensure that your plans are not impacted by seasonal climate change.

Our Building Enclosure Projects

SickKids Hospital – The Peter Gilgan Centre for Research & Learning

Most recently, TCS collaborated with contractors at SickKids Hospital on the construction of The Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning.

As part of the team responsible for the construction of this state-of-the-art, 21 story facility, TCS created a winter building enclosure and heating system that protected crews from the cold and snow while they completed this collaborative project on time and schedule.

See photos of some of the building enclosure systems that we have built!

The TCS Difference

Do you need winter enclosure solutions? We’re dedicated to meeting your budgets and deadlines. That is why we provide building envelope as an extra layer of service to you our clients!

Contact us today to learn more!