Our team is here to support you.

TCS doesn’t just supply the materials needed for commercial scaffolding. We provide storage, purchase and rental, delivery, design, assembly, safely inspection and dismantling service for scaffolds with a high level of accuracy and efficiency. Our knowledge of temporary standard and systems stair towers, points of access, working platforms, support systems and building solutions is unrivalled. Our team of certified on-site Red Seal Journeyman Carpenters will secure your project goals by completing their task, quickly, safely and efficiently.

TCS will support both your people and construction plans with an innovative and leading approach to modular scaffolding systems. We thrive on challenges and finding cutting-edge solutions. If a building is 50 feet deep, we will build your access staircase to keep the work happening below the ground’s surface. If you need to streamline a project, we will advise you on how to make the best use of resources. If you need 300 feet of rental materials for access scaffolding, we will arrange for that transaction on the open market.  We also have a trained staff on-site that can create components to improve a project. We recently engineered a new scaffold cantilever system for use in the construction of SickKids Hospital, The Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning.