Take a load off! We’re here to help

Every project starts with a strong foundation and support system. TCS brings this knowledge to all projects and contracts. Our professional and qualified staff pride themselves on devising and building innovative and leading-edge solutions. We will work with you to offset any point load or existing structures that can’t be maintained during a project with safety and minimal interruption.

We support all on-site projects, including but not limited to reinforced parking structures, material rental and purchase, heavy machinery, crane replacement and multi-level condo structure developments. We create the base so that you can continue to work overhead and below.

The TCS team completed a first in Canadian history when they aided in the recent extension of a Toronto subway line. A qualified team designed, planed and installed a structural temporary re-shoring support system to move GO Train tracks from existing structures to avoid service disruption. During the construction of the Sheppard Subway station our team brought the support necessary to continue transportation services while simultaneously allowing contractors to complete the tunnel.