What makes scaffolding essential in any construction job?

As you drive around a city like Toronto, you are bound to notice construction sites from time to time. As one construction job is completed, another one is just getting started. It’s not necessarily just about new construction jobs but also building repairs, maintenance, inspection, painting, and even window cleaning. Scaffolding is needed for both the exterior and interior of certain structures. Buildings with particularly high ceilings also require safe working platforms for construction workers.

There are many advantages to using scaffolding.

So, even if you feel like it comes at a cost, professional scaffolding can actually help you save money at the end of the day. The first, and probably most well-known, advantage is that of safety. If you are running a construction company or if you are the owner, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your workers. There are some strict rules in place to ensure the safety of all concerned. Scaffolding with handrails ensures that your workers will have a sturdy platform from which they can complete their work.

Scaffolding helps you save time and, in the construction industry, there’s nothing worse than running late! Getting ahead of schedule or even just being on schedule is what every contractor wants. By working on time, you will keep your workers’ hours on target which means that you will stay on budget. The faster the job gets done – the more profitable it is for the contractor at the end of the day.

Scaffolds are also really convenient since they can be set up, used, and dismantled when the time comes. They allow easy access in the most awkward of locations. Just imagine building skyscrapers without any form of scaffolding!

Another reason why scaffolding is a vital part of construction is the fact that it allows business to go on as usual below. With structural hoarding and overhead protection, workers don’t need to worry about any of their materials (like paint) or equipment falling on unsuspecting drivers or pedestrians. Work can continue on entrances to buildings as well as inside the building itself. There is no need to close the business in order to perform renovations or repairs.

For workers who are several levels high, it can be quite inconvenient to hold a heavy bucket of paint or cement. Scaffolding is not just about the sturdy framework. It’s also there to provide a strong platform for construction workers. This platform means that they can stand comfortably with their supplies ready and on hand without the risk of spilling or dropping anything.

Ladders might seem acceptable for small jobs like painting higher areas in your own home. However, ladders simply won’t do when you need to work on a larger area. Think about climbing up and down the ladder every time you need to move it just a few inches! This is exhausting, time-consuming, and unnecessary. In addition, you cannot possibly imagine building a high-rise structure while perched on a ladder! Scaffolds are free-standing structures which means that they won’t put pressure on the structure you are building or renovating.

Last, by certainly not least, construction companies have the choice of buying scaffolding or renting instead. For companies that don’t regularly take on construction work on tall buildings, the rental option is often the most cost effective. Contractors specializing in building and maintaining tall structures will find that quality scaffolding will more than pay for itself over time.

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