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SickKids Hospital

With TCS scaffolding, winter enclosures and heating systems the construction crews at SickKids Hospital never had to miss a deadline in their schedule

Massey Hall

The versatile team at TCS has provided structural hoarding and scaffolding for the external improvements.

York University

TCS Construction was involved in this large scale construction project at York University’s subway construction

Sheppard Subway Station

TCS has supported the construction of the Sheppard Subway station since the beginning. We are proud to keep this important city project on track!

Pearson Airport

An International Airport serving a world-class city requires a support system that allowed for the monumental changes to Pearson.

Residences at RCMI

Providing safety and confidence with structural hoarding and pedestrian protection on the busy streets of Toronto is our specialty.

University of Toronto Scarborough

An elaborate example of skilled scaffolding by the qualified and supportive TCS team.

Pedestrian Hoarding

Pedestrian Hoarding, an essential part of construction sites, allows for pedestrian flow and safe passage.

Winter Enclosures

Winter enclosure systems allow construction sites to continue on time and on budget.

Eglinton Avenue Reshoring

Ryerson University

TCS Material Management

Front Porch Construction

Residential landscape & maintenance

Residential driveway

Interlocking Stone

407 Subway

Aviva Building

Bridgepoint Hospital

Joseph Brant Hospital

Church Re-Shoring

City of Markham Project

Overhead Protection

Sytem Scaffold