About Us

TCS Construction is leading the way in infrastructure service and innovative concrete solutions. We have built our business on high standards of safety and a true quality product.

With over a decade of experience in the industry, the TCS team is proud to have worked with a large majority of the formwork contractors in Toronto. Our company offers a wide spectrum of project support from the point of conception to completion. We pride ourselves in a large variety of offerings, ranging from strategic planning and budget pricing, reshoring solutions, access scaffolding and reshoring rental, engineering drawings, and materials management. We also offer labour assistance, scaffolding erection, structural hoarding and overhead protection.

Our hard-working and dedicated team has earned a place among the top contractors in the province. We believe that with our qualified staff and Red Seal Journeyman Carpenters, you can be confident in the project support we provide to you and your clients.

Think of us as an extension of your labour force — that extra bit of might you need to keep deliverables on time and on budget. Our team is your team.